Natural Stone Waterfalls

Waterfalls in the landscape create magic. Any landscape can be enhanced by falling water. Natural falling stream water is what comes to mind when we envision an intimate mountain scene. Our falls are 100% Green Design Rainwater Harvest Systems.

Another benefit is less glamorous but almost more desirable - the sound of falling water blocks out noise. This effect alone recommends the use of a waterfall in many settings.

Fountains, falls and flowing streams come in many varieties in landscapes. Natural appearing ones are by far the most difficult to build well. Green Thumb Arts Natural Landscapes designs and builds waterfalls that mimic nature so well that the observer accepts them as natural. Click on links below for images of our designs.

Waterfalls As Major Landscape Components

Wild landscapes dominated by flowing and falling water are soothing and unique.

Natural Stone Waterfall Landscaping

Waterfall into Stone Hot Tub

Miniature Waterfalls

Miniature waterfalls can create some of the best details available in natural landscaping. They also rank as one of our very favorite features. Some of their many versatile strong points are these - they fit almost anywhere, they surprise and delight, an amazing impact can be made by a small, well-crafted installation, birds and critters love them, and best of all they invite your imagination into a vividly patterned and scaled world. Below are some examples of creating miniature waterfalls to add that "special touch" to your home.

Miniature Waterfall

Using gnarled roots and specimen stones, it is possible to create the foundation for plantings of mosses, lichen, ferns and wild plants that grow streamside.

Miniature Waterfall, Lichen, Driftwood, and Moss

High and Low Flow Waterfalls

The volume of water cascading over the waterfalls we create can be adjusted to suit different moods and conditions. Low flow creates a quiet, serene mood.

High Flow Waterfall

Low Flow Waterfall

Waterfalls In Winter

Falling water in wintertime can shape some fantastic ice sculptures.

Frozen Waterfall

We design for year round waterfall enjoyment.

Year round waterfall